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Islam Talk

Christy Mathachan (Year 12)

On Wednesday the Year 12s had the privilege to hear from Mohammed, an Islamic teacher.

This visit from the Islamic community was to educate us about their religion. The Year 12s are to compare and contrast Catholicism and a chosen religion for our internal assessment. The Islamic religion is among the options. The main focus of the internal assessment is what happens in the afterlife according to both religions.

During this talk, we learned the basics of Islam and the main aspects that make it special. The history of Islam’s origin was briefly explained, followed by an explanation regarding lifestyle of Muslims. We were also taught about the importance of the Quran and its origin. The Quran is the holy book of Muslims.
The topic then moved onto death and the afterlife. They believe that there are three stages of life: earthly life, the moment after death and personal judgement, and finally heaven or hell. Although there are many differences between Islam and Catholicism, we are both monotheistic and Abrahamic religions. At the end of the talk, we were given some resources with information about Islam, including the translated version of the Quran.

It was an amazing experience to hear from a Muslim and learn about life and the afterlife from their perspective. We were able to ask questions about Islam and its teachings.

A special thanks to our teachers for giving us this opportunity to broaden our knowledge and learn about other religions.