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Jack wins Inter Zone Gymnastics

The SEZ Gymnastics held earlier this year saw Jack place second, which qualified him for the Inter Zone Gymnastics Championships where he did amazingly well, placing 1st. His favourite part was “Having fun and getting first place,” he says. Jack has been doing gymnastics for the past 3 or 4 years with his club. Earlier this week Jack also won the gold medal at the AIMS Games.

Jack Jane (Year 8) and Mikaela Bangalan (Year 7) competed in the InterZone Gymnastics Championships held at the Waitakere Gymnastics club. Both of them had to do a floor, vault and beam routine. These talented young students did an incredible job preparing and competing at the competition.

Mikaela had placed 5th at the SEZ gymnastics competition which got her through to the InterZone Gymnastics Championships. At the Championships she came close to top ten. Mikaela enjoyed not only the training but competing as well. On top of that, bonding with friends and meeting new people was also a great part of the whole experience. She has been involved in the sport for two years.

However, their fantastic results did not come without a lot of hard work. For the past six weeks Mikaela trained for 1 to 1½ hours every Thursday at the Howick Gymnastics Club and Jack trained before school, after school and on weekends. Mikaela says, “Our gymnastics coach Cara McCarthy is a really good coach and has a kind heart.” She later added, “She is very supportive.”

Sydney Causer