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Jazzing up the night

Aaron Santoso

After another successful year for our ‘Jazzers’, the Sancta Maria Music department held their annual and much anticipated jazz night. Hosted by our wonderful students Jake Price and Minky Kim, the night was a glow with anticipation, with all our performers playing to perfection.

The night began with the stage band performing their three pieces: ‘On Broadway’, ‘Hot Chocolate’, and ‘Oye Como Va’. Led by students Megan Bottom and Kristine Guerrero, the stage band played spectacularly well, especially considering many of the players were still new to their instruments. Following on were the Jazz Ducks who spiced things up with two of their own funky original pieces. Rolling on next came the ‘Rolling Johnstones’, the ‘Jazzatrons’, and ‘Dollar 76.
We also had a short piece by one of our singers, Ariane Cordiero who sang a beautiful soft piece – called misty, a popular jazz standard which warmed the hearts of the audience, accompanied by Chole Ting on the piano.  We were also treated to a performance from an Alumni Combo – the last combo performance of the evening – which was made up of ex-Sancta Maria College students. They wowed the audience with their fantastic solos and playing.

The final performance of the night was the Sancta Maria Big Band, led by Lukas Fritsch.  The starting of their set was “So Danco Samba’, a bossa nova piece that featured their vocalist, Kim. They followed this up with ‘Listen here’, ‘Let it Simmer’ – an original piece composed by the players themselves, ‘Such sweet thunder’ and ‘Do nothing till you hear from me’.

A big thank you to Megan Bottom, who put in all the hard work organising and setting up this event, to whom this event would not be possible.