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Joanna inspires 8GNS and 8CLE


Joanna Grochowicz, a well-known NZ author, came to Sancta Maria College to tell us about her fiction books. The Year 8s are learning about narratives this term, so it was a great inspiration for our English skills as well as a boost for our creative minds. Joanna visited 8GNS and 8CLE and summarized her books leaving us in awe of her wonderful writing skills.

Joanna has published two books: Into the White and Amundsen’s Way. These books are about a race to the Antarctic between two teams. In the book, the winner is required to plan meticulously to make their journey a success.

“It was interactive and Joanne gave us many points as to what science explorers do and their ethics,” enthused Jayden Ashby.

“Her presentation was very interesting and intriguing,” added Alicia McGivern.

The two classes would like to thank Joanne for inspiring us to write.

Cyprus Causer