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Junior Volleyballers Leading the Way


With 6 wins out of 6 the junior boys volleyball team leads the competition. Unfortunately, with Y10 camp this week they are having to default their final two games.

The boys are all new to playing volleyball. However, most of them are basketball players so put their jumping skills into action when blocking the ball.

They have all committed to trainings Monday lunchtimes and Wednesday after school. Pure dedication has got them through most games but also the fact that they never give up.

Excellent game skills, serving and spiking by Reegan Dick and Miguel Fernandez sets the foundation for the team. Seth Saunders is the blocking king. Ali Dela Cruz is steady and sets and digs with precision. Carsten Baring provides the team with another great server and setter. Bryce Ernshoff, Bernard El Boutty and DJ West all have considerable strengths to offer as they play their role in the winning run.

The best part about this team is the way they work together. Their communication has improved game by game. Under the captaincy of Reegan they come in after every point and high five each other whether they win the point or not which shows and builds their tremendous team morale and never say die attitude.