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Karate flows through Chloe’s blood

Chloe Ferrera (Year 9) has had an impressive year of Karate competitions which she has trained hard for and has even taken her to international locations.  She participated in United Arab Emirates earlier in the year and was placed 7th in the world for Youth league 2023.  An impressive achievement alone, however Chloe continued her winning performances throughout the rest of this year with the following results:

1 April 2023
New Zealand Cup (Premier), Chloe achieved:
Gold – Individual Kata
Silver – Individual Kumite
Gold – Team Kata

18 June 2023
Auckland Open, Chloe achieved 4 Golds (Individual Kata & Kumite and Team Kata & Team Kumite).

2 July 2023
New Zealand Open Christchurch, Chloe achieved:
Bronze – Kata
Silver – Kumite

6 Aug 2023
Auckland Championship, Chloe achieved: Triple Gold (Individual Kata & Kumite and Team Kumite)

Chloe is an inspiration for us all – she never tires of it and enjoys her sport so much which makes her hours of training and competition that much more rewarding and pleasurable.  Her last competition this year is the New Zealand National Championship and Secondary School Championship which is held next month.  We wish her all the best and we can’t wait to hear how she did.