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Karate taking off at SMC

Each year we see a large number of Sancta Maria Primary, Intermediate and College students represent their chosen sport at club level.

A few weeks ago a small team of our students competed at the Auckland Primary and Intermediate Schools Karate Championships which were held at the Auckland Netball Centre in St Johns. They competed in both Kata (flowing form/technique) and Kumite (sparring/fighting) events.

Congratulations to the following seven students, representing the KDA (Karate Development Arts and Sports) club for winning medals in the Kata or Kumite events.

Rad Alwene Atienza – Bronze in the Development Kumite
Kyle Baltazar – Silver in the Development Kata
Theodore Lopez – Silver in the Development Kumite
Ann Dela Rose – Silver in the Development Kata and Gold in the Development Kumite
Jana Lopez – Gold in the Development Kata
Aliyah Suva – Silver in the Premier Kumite
Cassandra Dela Cruz – Gold in the Premier Kumite

If you are interested in joining a Karate Club – The options below are perfect for students and families in our school area

563 Pakuranga Road, Howick
Mobile: 0210 268 1688 (Therese/Alywin Suva)

Court 15, 443 East Tamaki Road, East Tamaki
Mobile: 021 208 6149 (Ramon Lopez)

Jason Crummer
Director of Sport