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Just before the school break, a group of 32 senior students were finally able to sit their learner drivers licence test. It had originally been set for the 14th of August, but unfortunately, only a few days before the test was set to be taken, the country went into lockdown as a result of Covid-19.

You must be 16 years and over to take the test, and having a learner licence will mean that you are able to drive, provided that a supervisor who has held a full New Zealand driver licence for 2 years sits in the passenger seat.

Students only had to pay around $50 to sit the test through school, compared to the $93.90 paid by those who sit their tests through AA.

A Young Drivers Workbook, which included plenty of information and activities for students to complete, as well as 20 practice tests, were all included with the cost. These were to be completed at home, throughout lockdown, and in their free time before they sat their test.

In the few weeks preceding the test, workshops were set up for students at the Careers Centre to test the students’ knowledge. This was done through some practice tests and matching and card games. These would also allow for the Careers Department to check up on the students’ progress to ensure that they were fully prepared for the test!

Students arrived at school on a cloudy Thursday morning, with learner licence tests beginning at 8.30, and the final test ending at 3.15. As students entered the Careers Centre, excited to sit their tests, they had an eyesight screening check, before having their signature and picture taken to be printed on the licence that would arrive over the next few days.

The tests were computerised, with students needing to answer 32 of 35 questions correctly in order to pass. It was important for students to use the resources provided, as these questions were from a bank of 200 questions that could be asked.

Despite the hectic year and changes in test dates, these students worked hard to prepare for their learner’s licence test to be able to begin driving and sit their restricted licence in 6 months’ time.

Michiko Pritchard