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Learning to drive


For the past 8 weeks, 25 of our students, including Alex Dougherty (pictured), have been busily preparing to sit their learners licence driving test. Passing the test will allow the students to begin driving on the roads with a supervisor and begin the journey to becoming a fully licenced driver.

The students have had the benefit of paying only $45.00 as opposed to the usual fee of $97.50 if they sat it with the AA directly in one of their outlets. In addition, all the participants have received a student driver handbook that Sancta Maria College’s Careers Department obtained from Auckland Transport. These were bound and in colour, and all students strongly agreed that it was a great resource.

Choosing to sit their test through school rather than directly through AA also meant students had cheaper access to online practice tests – all very similar to those they will sit on the day. During their 2 months of preparation, the students would complete these practice tests at the Careers Centre at lunchtime or during study periods, as well as at home on their devices. All students were recommended to complete all 20 tests and the workbook before they sat their licence last Friday. The Careers Department also provided fun workshops designed to help the test-sitters remember aspects of the test.

In terms of the test itself, students had one-hour slots throughout the day from 7:30am to 4pm to sit the test, guided by the AA. Students were also tested on their sight and had their signatures captured, ready to be printed on their licence.

According to one of our school’s careers advisors, Mrs King, “This is the first time we have offered it [the licensing test] at school. If successful, we hope it will become a yearly occurrence.”

Some students will also be supported in the future in earning their restricted and full driver’s licence to help with financial constraints and career choices.