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Let’s make Easter cards

Easter is coming up and for Lent most of us want to do something extra for the community.

The Young Vinnies, with help from the Year 7s, middle school students and Year 12s, have decided to provide a service to the people who don’t have the opportunity to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with their families.

These people include the Mount Eden penitentiary prisoners. These men don’t have the chance to celebrate the wonders of Easter which should be a time of love, life and family.

To help many students gave up their lunch time and after school time to write Easter cards and greetings to help give the prisoners a better Easter and to let them know someone cares.

The service leaders of Sancta Maria College, Paul Ngan Woo, Maia Speechlay, Martina Kleis and myself wanted to let the prisoners know that we are thinking of them in their time of loneliness.

Cameron Carter-Chan