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Lunchtime Mass Calls for Change


As Sancta Maria College engages in Enviro Week, Wednesday Lunchtime Mass brought forward the spiritual side of becoming better people to sustain the environment. A great attendance was welcomed at Mass which promoted a change in attitude.

We were called to maintain and treasure the Earth as many environmental issues like climate change, global warming, deforestation and pollution are clear outcomes of our selfishness, greed and apathy. Our actions have caused our environment to suffer, but that only encourages us to work harder on preserving God’s creations.

Each person at Mass received a bookmark made by Father Kevin that recited, “If your life was a melody and you didn’t like the tune, the obvious thing to do would be to change it, rather than play the same old song over and over again.” We have become accustomed to ignoring the Earth’s cries for help, where caring for the environment is sadly not our top priority. So, it’s obvious that we need to change our attitudes, and Enviro Week reflects just how much Sancta Maria College is committed to supporting our planet.

Nasya Chin