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Macbeth Comes to Life at Pop-Up Globe Theatre

The story of the tragic hero came to life in front of their eyes.

Whether the study of the gruesome and terrible Shakespearean play was fresh in the Year 11s’ and 12s’ minds, or quite rusty in the memories of the Year 13s, all students were able to come together in appreciation of Macbeth. If you looked around the theatre you were able to see students mouthing the words of the lines they knew best, ingrained in their memories after using them in their English NCEA examinations.

The play was, to say the least, bloody. The story of Macbeth is known for the bloodshed, with blood staining the guilty hands of Lady Macbeth and her husband, but hopefully not the Year 11s’ uniforms as they were, unfortunately, a tad too close to the stage.

Not only were the students able to see the play of the world’s most famous playwright being performed, but they were also able to experience the play in a way that they would not have been able to in the classroom. This experience is certainly one to remember.

Angelika Bilbao