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Make-over for the Butterfly Garden!

Our Butterfly Garden is getting a fresh makeover with a splash of colour, thanks to the ongoing support of Bunnings, Botany.

Last week, our loyal gardeners cleaned up the garden and by the end of the week, Bunnings kindly donated a variety of plants such as petunias, swan plants and lavender bushes to attract more pollinators to our garden.

A huge thank you to their event organiser, Jordan Mohi, who has played an instrumental role in making sure that the garden always has new flowers and greens to meet the tastes of our visiting butterflies and bees. The plants will be planted next week.

Why not extend this project to your own home! If you want to help increase the numbers of pollinators in East Auckland, then head to your local Bunnings Garden Centre. Spring is a great time to spruce up your garden and do some new planting.

Cyprus Causer