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Marina and Aloyze take out Talent Quest


Every year Sancta Maria College has their own talent quest and 2019 is no different. So many different acts performed and each one was watched carefully by our 4 judges, Miss Smith, Mr Bacon, Mr McKie and former student Helen Pahulu. There was beatboxing, comedy and a lot of singing. But there could only be one winner – Marina Jones and Aloyze Tafu who sang a beautiful song mashup of Illusion, Apple of My Eye and I Don’t Wanna Talk About It.

Other entrants included:

Tara Andersen – who sang ‘Someone like you’, by Adele

Paolo Lecias, Em-J Abuyan and Bernadette Tominiko – MJ and Bernadette sang amazingly while Paolo played the piano

The Basketball Boys – gave a hilarious comedy act

Akshita Ann-Joby, Roya Jin Mannaparambil and Anna Sajan – did an amazing Indian cultural and k-pop dance

Jan Baldonado – did some awesome break dancing

Jason – showed us his beatboxing talent

Joseph Milsom – sang a slowed down version of ‘Crazy in Love’, by Beyoncé

While waiting for the results, prefects, Maurice De Jesus, Tahlisa Stevens, David Patlong, Kelly Mascarenhas, Johnny Elboutty and Aislinn Manuyag gave a performance full of laughter and fun. They sang and danced! They also re-created the famous “Celine Dion Titanic scene”. Ex-student, Helen Pahulu, also gave a wonderful performance. She once again wowed us with her beautiful voice.

After those two performances, the results finally came in and the judge’s made their decision:

3rd place: Paolo, Em-J and Bernadette

2nd place: Akshita, Anna and Roya

And the winner of SMC’s Talent Quest 2019: Marina and Aloyze!!!

This year’s talent quest was a huge success! It was an event full of laughter, fun and entertainment.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this event and a massive thank you to all the students and teachers who made Talent Quest 2019 possible.

Alexandria Lazatin