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Mask Poster Winner

Congratulations to Mikaela Bangalan of 8BRN for winning the Mask Poster competition!

Students were given the opportunity to make a poster to share their awareness of the harm surgical masks are creating to wildlife if not disposed properly.

As we are using an increasing amount of disposable masks to protect us from COVID-19, we are creating a life-threatening hazard for our animal friends.

Elastic straps have been found tightened around birds’ legs resulting in swollen and sore legs and stopping them to move freely. If the masks make their way to the sea, turtles and dolphins eat them and they may die from this as their guts become blocked.

So, as Mikaela says: “If the mask can protect us, then we can protect wildlife by cutting the straps off the masks before disposing them”.

Let’s follow her friendly advice and save lives!