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Meet Our 2021 Leaders: Academic Prefects

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles. Today we meet Josue Badenas and Ann Del Rosario, our Academic Prefects.

This year, the academic prefect role has been given to the well-deserved Josue Badenas and Ann Del Rosario. Academic prefects are required to “work hard for the best academic results while inspiring others to do the same” and “to show any student the potential that they have, but cannot see in themselves” as said by Josue and Ann.

Both students had ambitions to become prefects and are glad that they have been appointed this role. Ann said that she “wanted to be an academic prefect to maintain our school’s academic reputation and to show other students that good results are achievable for everyone.” Josue is glad to be a prefect since he now has “the opportunity to give back to the school.”

As Ann and Josue have both committed themselves heavily to their studies, they both also have an interest in different extracurricular activities. Josue enjoys playing the guitar, going to the gym, and has been a part of a cultural group and the Young Vinnies group in our school. Ann is passionate about gaming, photography, fitness, sports, karate, ultimate frisbee, and has been a Young Vinnies member and a Eucharistic Minister.

They have both set inspiring goals to achieve in 2021. Josue hopes to be a prefect that “the younger students feel comfortable to be around” since he wants to remove any barriers at our school where juniors could perceive seniors as intimidating. On the other hand, Ann hopes to “motivate students to try their best in their academics while having fun challenging themselves with knowledge.”

Ann and Josue have been brainstorming plans for Sancta Maria College which all students should be excited for. Josue thinks that “SMC should look forward to their academic prefects not just setting up tutoring, but also branching out into more ideas that involve academics.”

Both students clearly have an ambition of inspiring students at our college. Ann therefore would like to start achieving this goal with this piece of advice: “To the students who heavily rely on their academic prowess and grades for self-worth, I just wanted to say that grades are not everything and there’s a whole lot more to yourself than letters on paper. Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure will help you grow, seize it and turn it into greatness.”

Therefore, the 2021 Academic Prefects are extremely excited and passionate about supporting the academic aspect of our school and are prepared to be role models for all.

Samara Anubhav