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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Cultural Prefects

In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Cultural Prefects, Miriama Magele-Rees and Aaliyah Peterson Tamakehu.

Miriama and Aaliyah were delighted to be given this role. Aaliyah says, “alongside finishing my last year with my peers I am looking forward to seeing the positive outcomes in this prefect role.”

Aaliyah Peterson Tamakehu
Aaliyah is an active member of the Kapa Haka group. She has a love for sports and has been involved in tennis, netball and basketball. She is currently pursuing studies in accounting, geography, history, math, and physical education. Aaliyah hopes to boost Maori/Pasifika councils as well as school spirit during cultural language weeks. She strives to make our school’s cultural festival the best it has ever been.

Aaliyah seeks to achieve her goal of becoming a role model for younger students. “I always saw previous prefects as role models and students to look up to, and I hope that younger students can feel that same way about me.”

Miriama and Aaliyah are excited to introduce a new and inclusive aspect of Sancta Maria’s cultures with the rest of the school. They want to concentrate this year on how our school reflects students’ diversity, and they’ve scheduled mini cultural activities for each term, which they hope will help students learn new things about culture and their ethnicity. “They [students] should look forward to the upcoming cultural festival in term 3,” Miriama says. All will be able to enjoy performances and celebrate with one another.”

Miriama Magele-Rees
Miriama has a passion for singing, volleyball, and food technology. This year, she wants to focus on her organisation, her friendships with her fellow prefects, and her dedication to her education. “I want to be able to commit to my studies and not give up no matter what,” she emphasises. She hopes that by doing so, she will inspire those who are not confident in themselves to commit and work hard, highlighting that “the things you want don’t come to you; you have to work for them.”

Miriama aspires to show younger year levels that “they too can become a prefect while being themselves.”

She adds, “it’s not about following what other people do, you can still be one with everyone else even if you choose to be different.”

Both girls are enthusiastic for the upcoming events that they and the other prefects have planned for the school. A message to future leaders, “To the future prefects for 2022 and onwards, we know this is just the beginning of a new year but this is also a big step into becoming new leaders for Sancta Maria. Hopefully you do not stress too much and take your time bit by bit. When becoming a prefect it takes commitment and courage to step up and lead our young ones. Remember to enjoy your time as year 13s and as new prefects but also learn to work with one another because you will be helping each other for future events.”

Miriama Magele-Rees and Aaliyah Peterson Tamakehu are two amazing and high aiming students. Surely, as the year goes by, we’ll see them blossom in their prefect role.

Alexandria Lazatin