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Meet our 2021 Leaders: International Prefects

Johann Ang (Year 11)

In this series of articles, we get an inside look at our 2021 prefects – their backgrounds, roles and ambitions. Today we are featuring our International Prefects, Enrique Jugo and Cynthia Fang.

Enrique Jugo

Being an international student since year 10, Enrique understands the trials and tribulations of being far from home, especially now – since of COVID-19. With interests including music, tennis, and gaming, Enrique has always enjoyed pushing and challenging himself because he enjoys the feeling of success. Enrique has stated that his “[my] main goal would be to connect with the international students as much as possible.” With the help of Cynthia, there is no doubt that this will happen.

“As an international prefect, I believe my role is to help the international students connect with the rest of the school.”

Cynthia Fang

Cynthia enjoys listening to music, playing the guitar, singing and also has a passion for Maths. Cynthia wants to make the relationship between international students even more friendly and united. With a goal of, “Letting international students have a happier life at SMC and organising more international student activities”. She believes this is the enhancing the friendship between International Students by making them feel more welcome and at home.

With both graduating and going to University this year, they want to make their final year special. The two also believe that a prefect’s job is to improve school life in SMC and are hoping to do so with their exciting plans. With responsibility, friendliness, and self-motivation as their cornerstones, they hope to do well as Sancta Maria’s 2021 Internation Prefects and we wish them the best of luck!