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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Performing Arts Prefects

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles. Today we meet Aidan Lloyd and Jenna Aspeling, our Performing Arts Prefects.

Jenna Aspeiling

Jenna wants to enhance the musical features of the school by encouraging students to participate in music ensembles or even just attend jazz night or the school production. She excels in music, sport (especially soccer) and science subjects. Jenna is passionate about jazz because it gives her the freedom to be creative as most of it is improvisation. She is excited about the music competitions to begin this year.

She aspired to become a prefect because leadership is an important skill and as a musician, it will help her teach others and lead music groups. She has big plans for the talent quest and jazz night coming up.

Aidan Lloyd

Aidan assists the tutors at, the Performing Arts company he’s been attending for 5 years, with teaching students from primary right through to intermediate. He recommends that anyone who wants a career in singing, dancing or acting should go there. Aidan is looking forward to starring as a lead role in this year’s school production. His strengths are connecting with people and striving to improve.

Aidan’s advice to students aiming to become a prefect is, “Take any leadership opportunity that comes your way whether it is participating in a team sport or volunteering to help out the school with any of their needs and always stay true to who you are by becoming that person you aspire to be.”

We look forward to what the performing arts prefects have to offer to our school and wish them all the best in their role.

Cyprus Causer