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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Service Prefects

Sharliz Ang (Year 12)

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles. Today we meet Alex McGivern, Mikayla Killip and Amanda Brabant, our Service Prefects.

As Service Prefects, they strive to be role-models that younger students can look up to and they also aim to be more inclusive towards other students, especially Year 7s and 8s. They all would love to connect and interact with other students to not only gain their perspectives, but to also make them feel more comfortable and involved in school and its activities. Specifically, Amanda Brabant would love to “show the students how they can express themselves and strive for their goals and ambitions,” and both Alex McGivern and Mikayla Killip see this role as a perfect chance to give back and encourage many students to participate in service within the school and wider community.

Alex McGivern

Taking interest in cars, mountain biking, gaming and physics and economics, Alex looks forward to spending his last year in college making memories with his friends and classmates. He also cannot wait for the end of year Stella Maris competition that he will be assisting in, as he personally thinks it will definitely be a highlight for the younger students. As a Service Prefect with a strong passion to get many younger students involved in the activities he’d run, he plans the following, “I hope to try and develop my leadership skills and better help with our duties, especially focusing on reaching everyone.”

Mikayla Killip

Mikayla is a student who has consistently played football for three years, has a strong passion in French and is heavily involved with the environment team. As it is her last year before she heads to university, she wants to make the most of it and is eager to lead this years’ 40 Hour Famine where she’ll help fundraise money for World Vision. She says… “Regarding my plan as a prefect, SMC should look forward to more opportunities to provide service to the school and the wider community. I also hope they can look forward to the support, encouragement and the platform we will try give them to be able to achieve these things.” With the help of Alex and Amanda, there is no doubt they’ll be able to achieve this goal.

Amanda Brabant

Amanda has a strong sense of morals and values. She enjoys surfing, learning about history, and has a strong passion for photography as she can capture another side something the regular eye might not see. Once again, as it her last year, she is keen to make the most of Year 13, specifically looking forward to organising events for students and being a role-model to younger students. Her goal as a Service Prefect she says, “SMC should look forward to much more – bringing the year groups together and having activities and [a] day where the students will learn new and different things.”

To those who are aiming for prefect roles, Amanda says, “I would say, make the most of the year. Don’t take the role as a ‘better than everyone else’ scenario. Use that role to make a good impact in helping others. With that role, hopefully you are able to set an example for those kids, and they will look up to you.”

On top of that, both Alex and Mikayla agree that it is important to be involved around the school. Alex says “Try to get involved in leadership opportunities, and get to work on growing yourself – don’t be shy to get your name out there.” Mikayla’s advice to those who aim to be prefects in the future, “It is important that you know what is going on around the school, so that you know the areas that you think need improvement. Secondly, I would advise you to think of your why. Why do you want to be a prefect? What do you want to change? Answering these questions will give you a vision and the motivation to fulfil your duties and ambitions as prefects.”

With this year being their last year of college before leaving to university, they look forward to making the most of this year and creating many great memories. We wish Amanda, Alex and Mikayla all the best with their last year and duties as Service Prefects at Sancta Maria!