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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Student Ambassadors

Nasya Chin (Year 13)

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles. Today we meet Angelo Tienzo and Abby Tay-Morrison, our Student Ambassador Prefects.

Being selected as the Student Ambassador Prefects, Angelo and Abby have the responsibility of being the voice of students at the college. Along with their Student Ambassador roles, they are also the Peer Support Prefects.

Both revealed that they wanted to become prefects so that they could connect and give back to the school in different ways.

Angelo’s passions lie in Photography and Digital Technologies, where the latter has led to him striving towards a career path in Software Engineering. He enjoys playing many sports where basketball and frisbee are deemed his favourites. Involved in Special Character, Angelo is a Eucharistic Minister and is a member of a Catholic Youth Group: Youth for Christ.

Abby’s will to connect with others, eagerness towards building new relationships and expressive attitude have been aided by her love of dance. Out of her subjects she takes this year, her favourite is English. She says, “I am able to write about things I love and convey myself through my writing.” Abby also plays in the First XI Girls Football team as their goalkeeper and is the principal violist in the college’s Symphonia Orchestra.

As prefects of 2021, a goal they have established is to grow a closer connection between the students at the college. They would like to improve the Peer Support programme with Angelo saying, “I want to leave a legacy behind and do something that benefits all the people at school.”

Something they are looking forward to this year is the Ball. “It’s an amazing night spent with amazing people,” is Abby’s positive opinion on the upcoming event. They are also looking forward to the annual Open Day, where they express excitement in seeing the new students arrive with big smiles.

Students should look forward to Angelo and Abby’s involvement in the Peer Support programmes, where they aim to help the younger peers feel connected to the older peers. Abby remembers, “I loved being able to know someone older than me, so I could go get advice and talk to them about anything.” They are hoping that through Peer Support, the young Year 7s and 8s feel the same way as Abby did when she was their age.

Some quality advice from these prefects to the aspiring leaders at Sancta Maria College is, “Just go for it!” Applying for a prefect role opens up a great opportunity to give back to the school. It also prepares us for the endless amount of responsibilities we’ll have once you enter the world outside of school.

Their drive and dedication give the school something to be excited about. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us, with Angelo and Abby as 2021’s Student Ambassador Prefects.