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Meet Our 2022 Prefects 3: Deputy Head Prefects – Community

Alexandria Lazatin (Year 12)

In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their backgrounds, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Community Deputy Head Prefects, Samara Anubhav and Adrian Vargas.

Determined, Samara and Adrian saw a chance to make an impact at Sancta Maria College. This drove their desire to become a prefect. They saw a platform for growth and a way to share their ideas with students on a larger scale.

It is clear that both prefects have a will to care, connect and captivate for the continued good of our school, in the words of Adrian, “for the betterment of those after us, and in honour of those who came before us.”

Our Community Deputy Head Prefects have fit right into their leadership role. Knowing the importance of working together, they aim to manage the plethora of school events all while maintaining a lively environment that welcomes students from Year 7 to Year 13.

They are monitors of lunchtime duty, assemblies, and the school’s Instagram page. Given their portfolio’s nature, they have also been reliable assistants with community events from time to time.

Samara Anubhav is an active member of various extracurricular activities including being a Health Committee Founder, News Centre Leader, Year 7/8 Debate Mentor, being a part of the 40-Hour Famine Committee, and much more. She admits that her favourite extra-curricular activity is dancing in the annual Cultural Festival.

She favours Mathematics with Calculus and Fashion, and also focuses on the sciences: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. She strongly cares for the mental health of students, seeking to widely improve the hauora of our school by involving herself in fundraisers and related events, “One of my passions is wellbeing and I am very committed to supporting the Wellbeing Prefects as much as I can this year.”

Adrian Vargas is a deeply committed musician and proceeds to participate in a variety of our school’s music ensembles, including many of the Jazz Combos, the Concert Band, and the Big Band. He is a devoted English student, favouring it over all the other subjects, “I love to write.”

English is where he finds great joy in shedding light on ideas and perspectives, as well as helping to bring worlds and scenarios to life. Adrian is also a former member of the Peace Committee, Peer Support, and 40-Hour Famine, attending various symposiums and interschool events to represent our school.

Both Samara and Adrian share the goal to expand the relations of students within our school, “we want to become more connected.” They hope to build bonds while implementing their own initiatives. In doing so, there is hope for more mental health awareness and a chance for everyone to be comfortable in our school community.

For students looking to be future prefects: “Every gemstone has its own unique shine and style that make it valuable in its own right. Be fearlessly, proudly, and unapologetically yourself, trying your best to be a positive influence. Get involved with as many extra-curricular activities. Form good relations with your teachers and peers. You will find that the opportunities you are given will naturally set you up for success.”

It is certain that Samara and Adrian are determined and diligent students, perfectly flourishing in their new role: “We’d love for students to come say hi and have a chat whenever they want to.”

To end, Adrian would like to present a question for all those reading, “Imagine that people remembered who you were not by your name, but a single word. Noun, verb, adjective, anything. What would you want it to be?”