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Meet Our 2022 Prefects 6: International Prefects

Jermaine Daclan (Year 10)

In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their backgrounds, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our International Prefects, Rosie Phung and Aurn Satjawongvanich.

These 2 students are international students at our college, and their main mission as an International Prefect, is to make life easier for our international students – making this school an enjoyable and safer place for them, as they are so far from home.

Rosie Phung

“I wanted to be a Prefect because I understand most of the struggles that international students have when they’re far from home,” she says. Rosie is an International Student since middle school, so she knows what the students she’s looking over might feel like. During her free time, she likes to play Badminton (her favourite sport) and to go to various places to take photos.

She states that “This year, I want to connect more with them and be their buddy when they need. Hopefully we will be able to plan to go to interesting places or do some things that we have not done for international students, for example, trips/activities/dinner. I believe with the help of Aurn, we can achieve our goals.”

Her advice to people looking to become a Prefect in the future is “You don’t need to worry about anything but be creative with your ideas and engage with the international students.”

Aurn Satjawongvanich

Like Rosie, Aurn is an international student at our college and wants to achieve the same goals as Rosie as an International Prefect. “I also wanted to help international students in many ways and get to know them better, and to make international students enjoy their high school life in New Zealand,” she says.

She is honest and confident, and her hobby is drawing. Her favourite subject is biology because she likes to learn about life and cells, and she wants to do medicine at a university.

She knows that next year international students in Year 12 will apply to be a prefect like her next year, so she hopes that they “will understand them and come talk to them with love and courage.”

Both Aurn and Rosie have not only proven to be exceptional star students and Prefects, but also for how much they care about students and their peers from overseas. We look forward to what they bring to the college and congratulate them on their new positions!