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Meet our 2022 Prefects 10: Hokianga Prefects

Novyna Tolentino (Year 12)

In this Meet the Head Prefects series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their backgrounds, roles, and ambitions. Today we feature our Hokianga Prefects, Harini Pushpakumar and Flynn Cook.

Harini Pushpakumar

As a Prefect, Harini believes her role is to lead and guide the school’s Hokianga House through various events by promoting and encouraging participation. She believes in the importance of connecting with the younger year levels in different events, such as, the various Caritas Fundraisers.

Harini chose to be a Prefect because when she was younger, she “looked up to the Prefects and admired what they did for the school” and therefore she “wanted to do the same for the next generation of children coming through.” Harini wishes to “hopefully inspire more students in this school as a role model.” She aspires to bring more community within the Hokianga school house through running events with encouraged interaction.

Harini has a deep love for music and the social sciences. Often, you may see her leading the choir as a Sanctus Choir leader or participating in a jazz combo. In 2021, Harini was part of the school’s team for the event, MUNA (a social sciences event) and won second runner up. Beyond school, Harini is working towards a diploma under Trinity College for Speech and Drama. She is also interning for a female-led organization called ‘DearEm’ which focuses on providing education, community, and a helping hand when things get difficult.

To future Prefects, Harini says, “Get involved in things that you are passionate about. It can be scary trying new things and making mistakes however, I learnt that when you are excited and have spirit in what you are doing, it feels as if you found a place to belong.”

Flynn Cook

As a Prefect, Flynn believes he should be a role model for the rest of the school, and he aims to help out within the school to ensure Sancta Maria College is a thriving community. Flynn believes this can be achieved through the organising/taking part in school events and by providing service or guidance when needed.

Flynn decided to become a Prefect because he believed he holds leadership qualities which can be utilised by guiding others in a Prefect role. He hoped to “push himself to be the best student and leader he can become” but also wished to “have fun while doing it.”

He aims to be a Prefect who will impact other students. Flynn says, “it will be a challenge, but if I can motivate at least one student to do their absolute best in everything they do, I will know I have done my job as a Prefect.”

Flynn enjoys Physical Education Studies and has taken part in this subject since 2019. He likes this subject because he finds it fascinating to know how muscles and bones function when playing sports and the effects of biomechanics on performance. He aspires to become a Physiotherapist after completing school, primarily due to his love for sports and PE studies.

To future Prefects, Flynn says, “Be involved as much as you can. Don’t get involved in things for the sole purpose of getting recognised or to be a Prefect. Rather, do it because you want to do it and you’re passionate about it – but most importantly have fun.”