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Meet our 2022 Prefects 11: Kororareka Prefects

Kayleigh Pieters (Year 12)

In this Meet the Head Prefects series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their backgrounds, roles, and ambitions. Today we feature our Kororareka Prefects, Jerseyleigh Gallardo and Jaden Latay.

Our Kororareka Prefects started with an aim… “We hope to bring those in our house closer together – building tighter bonds and overall building good spirit within the house we lead. As house leaders, we feel a sense of responsibility in creating good, healthy relationships with our peers.”

Jerseyleigh Gallardo

While not set on a specific Degree at the moment, her subjects are still a reflection of what she aspires to take in university. Jerseyleigh’s main passion is doing something involved with healthcare – such as a nurse. Even though she is uncertain, Jerseyleigh wants to make sure that she can constantly serve others for the good of the community.

As house Prefect, Jerseyleigh aims to host fun and enjoyable house activities, rooted from competition, but still are friendly. This is because she wants these various challenges to build close relationships with those in Kororareka as well as the other houses.

Jerseyleigh’s advice for those who wish to be Prefects is, “even if you have your doubts just go for it. There’s never any harm in trying out for a role.” She wants to emphasize that even though the possibility of rejection is scary, it is not the end of the world. There will always be other leadership roles as a Year 13 and beyond school. However, kindness towards your peers and teachers, in combination with high involvement and a passion for serving will help you become a Prefect!

Jaden Latay

He strives to always do his best and consistently be a better person each day. Jaden wants to be a good leader to not only his younger peers, but to everyone around him as well. He wants to inspire others through his actions and become better versions of themselves.

Jaden’s goals are to win the house cup and to ensure that he is a role model for everyone. Through his actions and words, he hopes to encourage others to follow their dreams and to step up even when they do not feel like it.

His advice for the next generation of Prefects is to be involved and to build around your strengths. Jaden wants people to never be scared to step into spaces that you are not comfortable with. He firmly believes that is how you grow as a person. Jaden wants to promote the idea of being a positive influence and to work hard in everything you do!

“Strive for excellence and ensure you’re bettering yourself every day and I promise you everything will slowly fall into place.”

Jerseyleigh and Jaden are fantastic leaders and have a strong desire to help those around them through various actions and words. We congratulate them both and hope they can achieve all their goals and ambitions!