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Meet our 2023 Special Character Prefects

Special Character Prefects for 2023

Johann Ang and Alexandria Lazatin are taking on this year with strong passion towards their roles as deputy special character Prefects. Their duty as Prefects is to run the special character events of the school such as masses, caritas, vinnies, and more.  Their biggest strength in their role is their communication with each other. They continuously aim to keep up to date and stay organised with their work. Both Johann and Alexandria’s commitment to their special character position complement each other extremely well. Johann tends to be the organised one and Alexandria is the communitive one; this work ethic allows them to maintain both a coordinated and equal system of working together.

Aside from school life and working with each other, they both have significant workloads outside of school. Alexandria enjoys being surrounded by the people she loves. She is very family oriented and appreciates spending quality time with them and her friends. Shows and movies play a big role in Alexandria’s life, as she likes film analysis while Johann enjoys annotating poems. Johann is a major bookworm and loves to have his nose in a book and is quite a literature enthusiast.

Alexandria says that “having a balance with everything without getting burnt out” is one of her biggest achievements. She says, “maintaining a stable routine with both my school life and personal life enables me to have an easier transition into senior years of school.” Johann’s biggest achievement academically would be earning the scholars badge two years in a row. This achievement displays his ability to manage both his life inside and outside of school while accomplishing top grades.

Having special character-based events as something to look forward to is one of the main goals of the special character Prefects. They aim to change the current overall view of masses so that students enjoy participating in mass more. Leaving a good reputation of the special character department is also one of the major goals they aspire to achieve.

A piece of advice these Prefects would like to give to the younger leaders of our school would be to “get more involved, but not for the wrong reasons, do it for yourself.  Get along with your peers, network, and expand your social circle.” By following this advice, it allows students to step up into leadership roles.