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Meet our 2024 Sports Prefects

Amelia Davies

Today we are featuring our 2024 Sports Prefect, Alfonso Leyesa and Jessica Dreyer. The 2024 Sports Prefects share a passion for sports and are thrilled to be able to lead us into sporting success. These prefects are working alongside the Head Prefect Team, Senior Leadership Team, as well as the Sports Coordinator and Sports Committee, to organise fun yet competitive events as well as creating sporting opportunities for our students to get involved in. Jessica and Alfonso have international experience in competing, travelling as far as America and the Philippines, to gain more knowledge, experience, and skills which they hope can be transferred to their prefect roles in 2024.

Alfonso, Fonci as he is more commonly known, has many strengths. Fonci has “a genuine love for sports with [his] energetic personality having contagious enthusiasm which can inspire others to participate and give their best.” He brings to the role his ability to lead and inspire others, setting a positive example for peers and developing events that benefit the community of sports.

Jessica, Jess as she is more commonly known, has participated in various sporting and leadership opportunities that have shaped [her] ability to lead and support others. Bringing her many strengths to this role, she hopes the “opportunity to work closely with peers and with [her] keen sense of responsibility, will help give guidance, encouragement and motivation to the younger students at Sancta Maria College.”

Our Sports Prefects have many goals for our school this year and are excited for the sporting year ahead. The “goals for this year are to build our school spirit through sports, using events or games as a platform to boost it.”

Both Jess and Fonci are excited for the upcoming year and all our schools sporting endeavours, “Fonci is thrilled with the number of opportunities and goals our school can achieve”, fuelling his passion and excitement for the year ahead. Together they are dedicated to encouraging participation and enthusiasm in all things sports related. “Whether you’re skilled or just starting out, we believe everyone has something valuable to contribute. Sancta Maria College, get ready for a thrilling year of sports ahead!”