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Meet our deputy head prefects – Community

Having been introduced to our head boy and girl and deputy head prefects (Special Character) now let’s meet Victoria and Liam, our deputy head prefects (Community).

Victoria Fu
It’s seriously such an honour to be chosen. I’m ecstatic to work with the team and am excitedly looking forward to what lies ahead of us! My goal as a Deputy Head Girl is to slowly build a deeper connection between the seniors and the middle school, so everyone is comfortable with one another. I also hope to make school life even more enjoyable for students by raising the team spirit of our houses and encouraging students to participate in more co-curricular activities.

In my final year I want to make the impression that 2017 was a fun year, a year full of laughter and happiness. A year worth remembering.

Liam Mooney
Becoming Deputy Head Boy for 2017 was an amazing achievement for me. Personally I was shocked and thrilled when I found out and was so excited to see what all the other prefects and I were going to achieve in our final year. I feel honoured to lead, alongside my fellow prefects, a school community that is driven by the values which demonstrate our special character.

I would like the school environment to be a safe learning space where students are able to freely express themselves and never feel isolated. I personally want to connect with all students so that we create one huge school family. I think all prefects are aiming to put the school’s best interest first. I especially want to see a strong sense of support and help which enables all students to achieve at their full potential in whatever they do.

This is our final year, and I think we all want to leave the school making sure we have achieved something. We will definitely be leaving something for our school; however, it probably won’t be revealed until towards the end of the year. I want to leave this school knowing that we have reached all of our goals and that we are helping prepare the future leaders of Sancta Maria College.