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Meet our Special Character Prefects for 2024

Lilly Massey and Inez Robinson

Our Special Character Prefects for 2024 are Ethan Karl and Abigail Martis.

Ethan was particularly proud to be chosen as a special character prefect.  He states his job, this year, includes “managing events and activities such as masses and retreats as well as helping the Service prefects in their duties.”  In addition to helping ensure the smooth running of special character events, he is eager to “be involved in growing and guiding the school community and making our current faith-based activities more enjoyable and inclusive.”

Abigail’s goals for the year include “getting more students willingly and enthusiastically involved in the Special Character of our school. Special Character tends to be viewed in a more serious way by students, and they immediately think about masses and prayers, however I hope to make it more accessible and engaging this year. Another goal I have this year is to build up the confidence of students who are more ‘sideline supporters’ but have the potential and qualities to lead our school.”

She is looking forward to many exciting events this year, such as Talent Quest, leading by example within the school community and engaging with students of all year levels to become a familiar face around school.

We wish both Ethan and Abigail all the best for 2024.