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Meet our Student Leaders 14


In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our International Prefects, Bruce Chen and Cindy Liu.

Bruce Chen and Cindy Liu have been deservedly chosen as Sancta Maria College’s International Prefects for 2019. Both Bruce and Cindy are incredibly pleased to have this role as International Prefects and are excited about what they have planned for 2019.

Bruce was already heavily involved in helping the international aspect of the College, even before he was appointed. In previous years he translated for visiting study groups and scheduled events for our international students. Being elected as an International Prefect gives him the opportunity to interact with international students more, so he’s ecstatic to be chosen for this role.

When Cindy was elected to be an international prefect, she was surprised to be presented with this leadership role. Nevertheless, Cindy is especially thankful for this experience. She believes that being an international prefect will help her develop skills that will be valuable in her future.

As international prefects, Bruce and Cindy hold great responsibility. Their job is to ensure that international students have a memorable experience here in New Zealand, and especially at Sancta Maria College. To achieve this, Bruce and Cindy schedule events for international students, and look for teachers/students at Sancta Maria College that can help in caring for and guiding them.

Bruce and Cindy have exciting plans for 2019 and have both set goals to guide them as leaders of the international students.

Bruce’s first goal as an international prefect is to have a closer relationship between himself and the other international students. Bruce wants to achieve this so that the international students aren’t afraid to ask for help. His second goal, he says, “is to introduce more events for the international student community, so that the international students get a chance to participate and feel part of the school.”

Cindy’s goal as an international prefect is to create a closer connection between the international students and the school community. To achieve this Cindy wants to get the school more involved by planning special events that’ll strengthen the bond between the international students and Sancta Maria College.

While Bruce and Cindy achieve these goals, they’ll be able to make the international students’ experience at Sancta Maria College fun and enjoyable.

Sancta Maria College is proud to have Bruce Chen and Cindy Liu as our International Prefects for 2019. We as a school community look forward to fully supporting them in all their endeavours.

Hannah Dangatan