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Meet our student leaders 4

 In this series of articles we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Deputy Head Special Character Prefects, Johnny Elboutty and Aislinn Manuyag.

We congratulate Johnny Elboutty and Aislinn Manuyag whose charisma, confidence and leadership skills have seen them appointed as the Deputy Head Special Character Prefects of 2019. Having been fully involved with our school culture since the day they set foot in the College, these leadership positions are well-deserved.

Aislinn Manuyag is a determined, upbeat student whose inner drive is apparent. She achieved an Excellence Endorsement in both NCEA Level 1 and Level 2. She has contributed heavily to all facets of College life since she began in Year 7, continually experimenting with all that is offered — representing Sancta Maria College in basketball, volleyball and several other sports. Many of Aislinn’s hours have also been dedicated to the Performing Arts, having danced in the past three Stage Challenge dance competitions as well as being hand-picked to be in the school production “Grease” amongst plenty of other contestants. She was also a member of the Deus Tempus Retreat in 2018.

Although we see much of Aislinn within school, a large portion of her commitments remain outside of school, “where I really learnt to build my leadership skills.” She teaches young children about our faith in camps and monthly assemblies. On top of this, she ensures she sets aside time to spend with the elderly and to fundraise for important causes. Her service continues, as for six years now she has served in a youth ministry called “Youth For Christ.”

“I find passion in missionary work and helping others because it is where I see Christ himself. I have been a witness to his love, mercy and compassion and this is the reason why I strive to be the best servant leader I can be for others.”

With clear direction, we can all rest assured that she will “shed new light on to what faith can bring you” and that under her leadership, there will be a real positivity.

Reflecting further, Aislinn states, “Sancta Maria College is the foundation and only the beginning to the rest of my future. I am a person of aspirations, dreams and goals and I get to achieve those because of my school environment, teachers, parents and friends. I want to study Events Management in University and I aim to take myself abroad in the future too.”

Johnny Elboutty, made famous amongst the school through his performance in the lead role of “Roger” in the 2019 “Grease” production, has been enthusiastically involved with the College for all seven years he has been here. A natural athlete, he has been a great asset to the school through his contributions to Sancta Maria College’s sporting success in the boy’s volleyball, hockey, football and softball teams. In contrast to his mischievous character of “Roger,” Johnny has achieved an NCEA Endorsement in both levels 1 and 2 and has been a committed member of the Tech Team, Peer Support 2017, the French Cultural Exchange in 2017 and the Deus Tempus Retreat in 2018. This year, he is serving as a leader of the Young Vinnie’s.

Johnny mused over his experience so far in the role: “It is such a privilege to lead, alongside my fellow prefects, a school community that constantly strives for excellence and expresses the values which display our special character.”

He further adds, “My goal as the Special Character deputy is to interconnect everyone through our faith. I want to try and make celebrating our faith a fun and intriguing aspect of school for all students. This would mean having students contribute more towards our Masses and other religious events which in return adds a youth-friendly twist, while still upholding the traditional Catholic ways.”

With his friendly demeanour, Johnny is more than capable of getting students involved with the Special Character of the College. And more importantly, being good-humoured and approachable, he has what it takes to get everyone, Year 7 to Year 13, excited to be involved with Special Character.

Moreover, his diligent nature will allow him to accomplish his goals. “This is our final year, and I assume that we all want to leave Sancta Maria College knowing that we have accomplished and achieved something throughout our seven years at school.”

When Year 13 comes to a close, Johnny is endeavouring to continue working hard and study for a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at Auckland University or overseas.

Without a doubt, these two students have gained the school’s favour and will lead Sancta Maria College with selfless pride and dignity; keeping the College’s values at the forefront of their minds, far beyond the duration of their service in these leadership positions.

Katrina Chan