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Meet Our Student Leaders 6: International Prefects

Oscar was surprised to be selected for this prefect role feeling grateful that the school gave him the opportunity to give back to the community.

Throughout Oscar’s time at the college, he has involved himself in various sports like badminton and basketball. He has had his fair share of commitment in these sports where he has assisted with the badminton trials and will hopefully represent the school as a dedicated player in the U19 Basketball team this year.

Jolin was joyful when she heard she was chosen for a prefect position because she wishes to make this a fruitful year, and a great year for all the international students.

This year, she is determined to maintain and improve her academic learning, where she has taken Physics, Chemistry, English, Digital Technologies and Accounting. To Jolin, academics is an important aspect of her schooling experience as she believes that the responsibility in obtaining her qualifications makes her a better person.

Aside from academics, Jolin enjoys listening to music as she finds comfort in exploring the diverse music genres allowing her to express different emotions.

Some goals that Oscar has this year is to make the international students feel comfortable at school, listen and attend to their concerns and show a bit of creativity in trying to include them in various activities at school. He is looking forward to helping the current and future international students so that they have fewer challenges with fitting in.

As a leader, Jolin desires to unite the international students and help them to interact with the local students at the college: “I want to make them feel comfortable in the school environment and community so that they become more expressive amongst others.”

Oscar and Jolin share the same goals in trying to make the international students feel happy and united with the other students at Sancta Maria College.

Oscar gave advice for those aspiring to become prefects in the future. “To be a prefect, you need to have leadership skills and be a good person as you are representing the school, the students and the prefect team.”

Jolin advises people wanting to apply for prefect roles to be organised and to engage with people around the school. Urging specifically the international students, Jolin adds, “Try to build connections with people who are not international students, because I want to see in the future, that the group is taking a step forward into being more involved around the school.”

Oscar and Jolin are sure to develop a bond between international students and local students. With their responsibilities and goals, we wish them all the best in carrying out their leadership roles as Sancta Maria College’s International Prefects.