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Meet our Student Leaders 6


In this series of articles we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Sport Prefects, Holly Maunsell-Young and Graham Remedios.

Holly Maunsell-Young and Graham Remedios have been deservedly chosen as Sancta Maria College’s Sport Prefects for 2019; an achievement they both acknowledge as one of the most pleasing experiences in their academic and athletic life.

For Holly and Graham, their sporting journey has been one that has lasted the duration of their time at Sancta Maria College. This journey has allowed them to grow into promising young leaders by giving them opportunities to cooperate with team members, work towards goals, and push their own physical & spiritual boundaries. These qualities have earned Holly and Graham their responsible position as sport prefects.

In this role, Holly says that she wants to increase g participation across all of Sancta Maria College’s range of sports. By getting more people involved in sports, students can acquire skills which will not only help them grow personally, but also benefit the general College community.

Graham’s aspirations for 2019 include introducing new sports to the College’s current roster. With a wider array of sports to choose from, students are more likely to discover a sport which they enjoy, which will also increase student participation across all sports.

Sancta Maria College wishes Holly and Graham a successful 2019.

Stella Cranwell