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Meet our Student Leaders 9


In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our cultural prefects, Shawna Stowers, Bo Min Cho and Patrick Florendo.

Shawna, Bo Min and Patrick will be leading the cultural aspect of Sancta Maria College. Shawna believes she was chosen for this role due to her upbringing in a Samoan family. Her family has taught her important values, which gave her the qualities to be a good leader. Bo Min Cho on the other hand, thinks that she was chosen for this role because of the many cultural groups she joined in the previous years. Patrick says that being a cultural prefect makes him feel responsible for the growth of culture in our school. However, he also feels that anyone and everyone can promote and cultivate their culture at Sancta Maria College.

All three are excited about this new role. Shawna mentioned that she is anxious last year’s cultural prefect, Helen Pahulu, set the bar high, and only wishes that she can meet her standards. Bo Min feels the same way and thinks that fulfilling her own and other’s expectations will be the most challenging part of this role, however she is willing to work her hardest to achieve them. Patrick think the most challenging part of being a cultural prefect is trying to keep up with the previous cultural prefects and trying to grow our already culturally diverse school.

As cultural prefects, they want to ensure that students of Sancta Maria College can embrace their own culture but learn about other ones too. They wish to make this school one where

cultures play an important part to the identity of the students and the school itself. Shawna, Patrick and Bo Min have been planning some activities for this year in order to achieve this. Other than our cultural festival (the main cultural event), they have planned to introduce more language weeks and create a diverse Cultural Mural to encourage our students to share their cultures with everyone.

Along with the responsibility of this leadership role, these prefects have their own personal goals and extra-curricular activities. Shawna Stowers’ goal for this year is to consistently work hard at everything she does and to stop procrastinating. “My ultimate goal in life is to stop procrastinating because this prevents me from getting things done in a timely matter.” She also encourages herself to meet new people and grab any opportunity since it is her last year at Sancta Maria College. Shawna is taking as many extra-curricular activities as possible and has joined the volleyball A team, premier netball team, kapa haka, Samoan community group and Young Vinnies. Bo Min Cho’s personal goal is to balance out her academic, prefect and co-curricular areas in order to maintain a strong work ethic. She knows this year will be a busy one, so she is prepared to try and complete everything to the best of her ability. Bo Min has joined the choir and the costume department for the junior production. She is also a student librarian. Patrick is currently in the Senior Volleyball Boys team and trialled for the U19 Basketball Boys team. He is also a Young Vinnies Leader and part of the Gospel Choir and Kapa Haka. Patrick also steps in at times to play the bass for the Worship Band. He says,”This leadership role has made me really busy, especially with my extracurricular activities. It also has made me see how hard prefects in the past have worked, especially behind the scenes with the staff and other students in the school.”

The cultural prefects are all excited for this year and are willing to overcome any obstacles that come their way. They are proud to be leaders of Sancta Maria College.

Samara Anubhav