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Meet Spheros


The Year 9 MAX class had the pleasure of experimenting with Spheros, a small robot which gained its name from its spherical shape. Discovering how these robots worked and using them was already a class favourite, as they had already learnt the basics of how to manoeuvre and operate the Spheros. Their new task was to investigate and explore the relationship between time, speed and distance.

What we discovered was that there was a linear relationship between the speed of the Sphero Bot and distance it was travelling. With the speed at 20%, it was able to advance 43cm in 3 seconds. At 40%, the Sphero Bot traveled 89cm and with the speed at 60%, it travelled 140cm (both in 3 seconds). 9MAX was excited to see that there was a distinct relationship between the speed and distance, which was linear.

With the Sphero bots, 9MAX had the opportunity to apply the theory we learnt in maths to real life. It was a fun activity that got our brain gears turning and put our thinking caps on. 9MAX can’t wait for the next time we tackle the Sphero Bots. What will we do next? 

Hannah Dangatan and Stella Cranwell