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Meet the Cultural Festival Performances #1

The 2020 SMC Virtual Cultural Festival is fast approaching, and in this series of articles we will be introducing the performances we have prepared. Today, we will be introducing the Junior Indian Cultural group.

As a group of three, Akshita Ann Joby, Anna Sajan and Roya Mannaparambil make up the Junior Indian Cultural Group. All coming from the state of Kerala, they have decided to do three different songs, with different languages, and combine them together. They did this because they wanted to show the many languages India has.

Aiming to make sure the performance has both traditional and non-traditional elements, Akshita comments, “It’s very upbeat and fun… so, everyone can enjoy it!”

With a heavy focus on diversity, especially in language, they believe the cultural significance of their dance will showcase that India is more varied than perhaps many people would think.

“All of us are different, and it’s not only one language, we want to mix it all together; it’s expressive,” says Roya.

All three performers enjoy dancing and think it’s fun to show their culture.

“It’s a great opportunity to show who we are,” says Anna.

Through bonding, sharing of culture and speaking in their own language, they think that this has made them closer than ever before!

They can’t wait for the Cultural Festival because they are also excited to see the other groups perform, and they are all extremely grateful to be given the chance. Even without a live audience, they still think they will have a great time!

Look out for the Virtual Cultural Festival and we hope the Junior Indian Cultural Group will continue to enjoy expressing their culture through language and dance.

Johann Ang