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Meet the Cultural Festival Performances #2

The 2020 SMC Virtual Cultural Festival is fast approaching, and in this series of articles we will be introducing the performances we have prepared. Today, we will be introducing the Junior Samoan Cultural group.

If there is one group you should be looking forward to in our 2020 Cultural Festival, it is the promising Junior Samoan!

The group consists of Year 7-10 students with Aloyze Tafu, Gwendolyn Brighouse, Togitoto Magele Rees, Yalania Tubu and Marina Jones being the 2020 group leaders and tutors.

The group has been practicing twice a week after school to perfect the “Siva”, the Samoan dance. The group will be performing a Siva to the song Siva Mai Lalo Mai. The leaders chose this song because they love the meaning behind it and the values that it portrays.

The group is looking forward to performing at our Cultural Festival, especially the Year 7’s as it will be their first time performing at Sancta Maria. The leaders have had an amazing experience teaching the younger members of the group about Samoan culture and building a close bond with every single member.

The group looks forward to showcasing the Samoan culture to all the viewers and can’t wait to perform, virtually of course!

Fa’afetai Lava, Tofa Soifua

Marina Jones