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Moth plant collection effort pays off


Many students and teachers from SMC collected and removed moth plants and contributed to help saving our native species. Sancta Maria College came in 6th place and won $100 for our effort, finding moth plants for the competition.

Altogether, we found 882 pods. Once a moth plant pod is broken, it releases about 700 seeds which are then dispersed around the area and grow in a new spot. By collecting the pods we have contained the spread of this noxious plant.

Sancta Maria College, along with many other schools, was proud to help NZ native plants grow. This competition was aimed to help Auckland stay on track so we can reach our goal of being pest free by 2050.

SMC recently joined enviroschools which has opened up more opportunities for students to care for our environment and show their passion for our native plants, animals and sea life. This doesn’t just include the enviro team, but the whole school has a part in it.

A big thanks to Mrs McCreath for all the work she does for the environment and our Enviro Team. It is great to see so much participation, not just from students, but also the teachers. We look forward to next year’s competition and hope that very soon most of the moth plants will be eradicated.

Cyprus Causer