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Mother Teresa Service Medal Award Ceremony

At last night’s Family Mass we recognised those students who have gone above and beyond to answer our Lord’s call to serve, by awarding them Mother Teresa Service Medals. Homeroom teachers selected our recipients by weighing up the significance of the service, the amount of service, and the depth of their written reflection on their service.

St Teresa of Calcutta inspired millions around the world with her humble service to the unloved and the dying. She taught us that when we look into the eyes of the poor, we look into the eyes of Jesus.

Year 7: Ella Sharman, Mikaela Bangalan, Danielle O’Driscoll, Kate Sung and Kian Carrozzino

Year 8: Isabella Ibbetson, Rose Adams, Cyprus Causer, Hyebeen Park and Hayden Waters

Year 9: Teresa Croker, Dante Choi, Alanna Santoso, Karissa Bryan, Jennifer Zeng and Lily Jowett

Year 10: Kathleen Shi, Samara Anubhav, Jonathan Aviet, Ian Tang and Jersey-Leigh Gallardo

Year 11: Alexandria Dougherty, Ella Smal, Sean Hancock, Sydney Causer and Makayla Killip

Year 12: Claire Barbafiera, Oliver Tamayo, Francesca Absemis, Alchimae Prasad-Khan, Kaya Lal and Allyson Ropati

Year 13: Faith Cruz, Mia Gilchrist, Tahlisa Stevens, Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg and Patricia Dela Cruz