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Mud Run challenges students

The Year 11/13 PE studies classes recently attended the Jetts NZ Secondary Schools Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in Helensville, Auckland.

The students all got to school at 7:30am, ready for the long-awaited Mud Run. The race proved to be a tough one as all the competitors had to face a number of challenging obstacles; from climbing high fences to crawling through tunnels; from cold creeks to swimming through mud, climbing up cargo nets, crawling under barb wires and even getting an electric shock during the course. Everyone had to be ambitious to persist through the downhill and uphill mudslides and the muddy terrain in general.

After all their hard work, the students got the reward of going to Parakai Hot Pools for a swim. It was a luxury to relax after pushing through such a demanding race.

It was an exciting day, everyone crossed the finish line tired, content and muddy.

Katrina Chan