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Mufti day supports 40-hour famine


Almost the entire school showed up in mufti in order to raise money for the 40 Hour famine. We did this by donating a gold coin for the privilege of not wearing school uniform. As well as the mufti day, many students also took part in the actual 40 Hour famine, which will hopefully be able to raise lots of money for the children of South Sudan.

The 40 Hour famine is raising money to help the South Sudanese children and their families in camps in Northern Uganda by giving them “life saving essentials like, nutritious food and clean water, as well as, a place to live, education and hope for a better future.” As well as the 40 Hour famine and mufti day there was also a variety of activities and stalls on at lunch time in order to raise money to give to World Vision. A big thank you to all who donated to this very worthy cause.

Kayleigh Pieters