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Nachtmusik Concert

Nasya Chin (Year 13)

As a 40 Hour Famine fundraiser, Sancta Maria College and our neighbours: Botany Downs Secondary College, came together for the Nachtmusik Concert. Our students were welcomed at Botany Downs Performing Arts Centre and were greeted with a full house.

Botany Downs Secondary College had their Orchestra, Choir, Chamber Ensemble, and Jazz Band perform on this night.

Sancta Maria College’s Concert Band, conducted by Mr Hamish Arthur, performed four pieces: Western One-Step, The Shape of Water, Jam Ballista, and Ruckus.

The Symphonia Orchestra conducted by Mr Stuart Gibbs played four pieces: Aguas De Marco, The Seagull, The Kingfisher and Libertango.

For the finale, Mr Arthur invited our resident tenor saxophonist: Minju Kim and alto saxophonist: Jenna Aspeling to perform Grooved Pavement Ahead by Brad Ciechomski with Botany Downs Secondary College’s Jazz Band. The mood grew uplifted as the audience thoroughly enjoyed the jazzy piece as the night came to an end.

Both schools have been practising diligently as the annual KBB Festival approaches us in Week 3 of Term 3. This much-anticipated event was missed in 2020 due to disruptions from Covid-19. Thus, the students look forward to this exciting festival, as schools across Auckland come together by the love of music.

We hope that in the years to come, performing with Botany Downs Secondary College will become a legacy, where further down the road, we can expand this concert to other schools.

Thank you to Botany Downs Secondary College for inviting us to their annual Nachtmusik Concert. We will gladly return the favour in the years to come! Also, a big thank you to all the students who performed. The 40 Hour Famine Student Committee greatly appreciate the efforts made to raise every bit of money.