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Nagasaki Junshin Catholic Girls’ High School visits Sancta Maria

 During International Languages Week we welcomed a small group of 19 senior high students and two staff from Nagasaki Junshin Catholic Girls’ High School to Sancta Maria College for afternoon class exchanges with Year 8, 9 and10 Japanese language students.

Junshin is a Catholic high school for girls located in Nagasaki City on Kyuushuu Island, Japan.

The exchange has given our students the opportunity to put into practice their Japanese language skills and to learn more about the visiting Japanese students; their culture and their way of life. The cultural interaction with Year 8 Japanese students was one of fun-filled interaction of smiles and laughters and new learning experiences.

Year 9 and 10 students’ language and cultural exchange has proven a great hit; bringing to life pop dancing, songs, games and rich conversations.

Both hosts and guests were mesmerised by the respective interest in what they had to share with each other. Both student groups found the interaction and learning experiences to be most enjoyable. We look forward to future visits.