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Night Market Busking Success

Nasya Chin (Year 13)

During the last week of the holidays, three Sancta Maria Jazz Combos: The Keas, The Fantails and The Kererus took the stage at the Wednesday Night Market. As the final 40 Hour Famine fundraiser for the year, busking proved to be an entertaining way of getting the community involved in the cause.

Each combo used 30 minutes to play their chosen repertoire. With heads bopping and toes tapping away, the college’s musicians delivered very enjoyable performances. Later in the night, a Jam session took place where anyone was free to join in. Vincent Brzozowski, a former student at Sancta Maria College, showed off his epic trumpet skills – once again proving the jazzy essence of our college. Some audience members also got involved with the jam session, where one impressed us with his phenomenal guitar skills, and another revealed her beautiful singing voice.

Our final effort for raising money for the hunger pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa was considered a success. Thank you to everyone who has continuously shown support for the cause. We are truly blessed to have our students get involved and impact the lives of others.