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On the tourist trail in Paris

After a brisk train ride from the south of France to its capital, the group arrived in time for an afternoon bike ride around the city on Friday. This tested the skills and fitness of those in the group who hadn’t been on a bike since childhood days and those who learnt to do so especially for this trip (for some a tandem was required).

On Saturday the group made their way by navigating the Metro system to the Eiffel Tower where most of the group, (except those having a fear of heights) managed to make it all the way to the top for a panoramic and picturesque view of Paris. Once they had gradually made their way back down the group had lunch in the surrounding park. This provided the opportunity for a photo shoot and many new profile pictures.

They then made their way up the many steps to the Sacre-Coeur, where after viewing the impressive church the group went around the Montematre market where the artists of Paris are commonly found.

After a few hours of resting, the group then headed out again to take a boat tour of the city on one of the bateau-mouches. As if the city couldn’t get any prettier it did during the night when the old, yet timeless, buildings were lit up and adorned like Christmas trees with the Eiffel Tower twinkling on the hour.

Sunday consisted of discovering and rediscovering things old and new. The Year 12s were reunited with an old friend, Paul, who stayed at Sancta Maria College partway through 2016 and he spent the day venturing round Versailles with the study tour.

With more bike riding around the palace the group managed to squeeze in a look at the grand gardens, have a picnic at the canal and take a tour inside the palace looking at places like the king’s chambers and the hall of mirrors.

By the end of the day the group appreciated how good it was to lie back on a bed to take in all the history they had absorbed about the many kings named Louis, and in particular King Louis XVI’s Queen, Marie Antoinette.

Niamh Walsh