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Once Upon A Time, there was a school ball


Since the beginning of the year, May 11 is the day many seniors have been looking forward to. Not because it’s a Saturday but because yesterday was Sancta Maria College’s annual school ball.

Ever since the Year 12 and 13 students knew the ball date it has been a hot topic and as the ball drew near, ‘ball talk’ escalated as excited teenagers searched for their outfits, looking in shops, online and even at rental places!

Preparations included the young ladies organising makeup, hair appointments, spray tans, corsages, pedicures and manicures and the young men having to find suits and shoes.

The students showed up to the very formal, annual school ball at Ellerslie Events Centre, with this year’s theme “Once Upon A Time,” based on Cinderella, adding to the magical fairytale night. Samantha McNamee, Daniela Mousses, Bradley Dias, Daniella Joven, Crisha Angela Rimada Cruz, Yeunhee Park, Meggy Laguda and Rico Chan (all members of the Ball Committee) did an amazing job organising seating arrangements, backdrops, decorations, invitations and the first dance to name just a few things.

There were three amazing backdrops, which everyone enjoyed taking pictures in front of, coming back for numerous photos with many different groups of people. Everything went according to plan and was perfect, turning all students into gorgeous princesses and princes for the night.

After the delicious dinner and dessert, the Ball Royalists were announced. Francesca Adams was crowned Year 12 Princess and Maverick Ryan was named the Year 12 Prince. King of the Ball was Bruce Chen and the Queen was Bo Min Cho.

A group of students from Year 13 were in the first dance. All students were amazed at what the group had created as they had spent the last couple of months working hard after school and during lunch times to perfect the first dance. This set off the dancing for the night, with everyone (including teachers) singing and dancing their hearts out until the night concluded at 11:30 pm.

A huge thanks goes out to all those involved with making this spectacular night possible, especially the Ball Committee, teachers, and the events people at Ellerslie racecourse.

Mia Gilchrist