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Open Day 2024

Audrey Basilio

Despite the misty, drizzling rain, our school opened its doors for the day to families wishing to send their children to our school in 2025. Welcoming the parents and young children, as they entered the auditorium, was one of our Sancta Maria College jazz combos (Combo 2) playing enlightening musical tunes: All Blues, St. Thomas, and Crazy Race.


Jemma and Avram, 2024 Head Girl and Head Boy, made an introduction with our school prayer to begin the session. Principal Mrs Moore then took the spotlight as she shared the history of Bishop Pompallier and his impact amongst our school. Deputy Principals: Ms Kilpatrick, Mr Green and Ms Sullivan also shared the different rules students must abide by, the drastically new, yet beneficial changes to learning that were made in campus this year, our academic achievements, and the daily life of being a student in Sancta Maria College.


As speeches came to an end, both parents and children were escorted out of the auditorium by senior prefects who then guided them on an enjoyable tour around the school, where families had the opportunity to observe daily life of a student at Sancta Maria College and our beautiful facilities.