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Outstanding NCEA results for Sancta Maria College

Iain Tang (Year 12)

Excellent Overall Results

Sancta Maria College has a tradition of high achievement in NCEA endorsements (Merit and Excellence) and last year’s results were no exception. Here are the NCEA pass rates for 2020:

NCEA Level 1 – 97.2%

NCEA Level 2 – 100%

NCEA Level 3 – 94.4%

These results are very strong for the East Auckland region and well above the national average.

It also marks the first year ever we have achieved 100% at Level 2. This is an outstanding result!

An overview of NCEA:

NCEA (National Certificate of Education Achievement) has 3 levels of qualification which are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

Students gain credits throughout the year by successfully completing assessments.

Achievement standards are as follows – Achieved, Merit (Silver) and Excellence (Gold). In 2020 (due to COVID-19), these endorsements are awarded when students gain 44 (or more) credits at Excellence level (Excellence Endorsement) or a combination of Excellence and Merit (Merit Endorsement). For more information you can visit How NCEA works » NZQA

Academic Scholar’s badges

Sancta Maria College also awards an Academic Scholar’s badge to students who have achieved Excellence Endorsement in four or more subjects.

Gaining an endorsement, and in particular an Excellence endorsement, can have huge benefits for students in the form of Scholarships, entry to University courses and Halls of Residence. We would like to congratulate all students at Sancta Maria College for their hard work and diligence during an extremely challenging year.