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Over the Rainbow Paper Cup Project


Members of the ‘Over the Rainbow Paper Cup Project’ were witness to something quite amazing. On the morning of Friday May 3, a chrysalis attached to a kale leaf was brought in from a vegetable garden. A Year 9 had predicted that the chrysalis would hatch into a Monarch Butterfly 11 days later, and how right they were. ‘Flutter By’ was seen drying her wings as she emerged from the chrysalis on Tuesday, May 14.

Recycling. It’s something our school is very familiar with, but have you heard of the ‘Over the Rainbow Paper Cup Project?’ This project lead by Ms Indira Barker and the Enviroschools Group promotes the use of commercially compostable cups called the EcoCup. The organisation ‘Ecoware’ produces a variety of products that we use in our everyday lives, but what makes them even more special, is their extensive range of sustainable packaging that is made from responsibly sourced paper or IngeoTM bioplastic. This packaging can also be customisable to fit your style.

Although the project is currently in its early, conceptual stage, there are a total of nine Year 8 and 9 students who have expressed interest in getting involved with it. Together, they have produced a brief that illustrates their vision for their ‘Over the Rainbow Paper Cup Installation’ on the art wall in D Block. They wish to paint multiple EcoCups in the colours of the rainbow, where red represents Mars: our red planet; orange: the fruit and sunsets; yellow: sun and sunshine; green: nature, forests and the great outdoors; cyan: surface water and reefs; blue: deep blue ocean and finally violet: the flowers.

These painted EcoCups will be positioned in the shape of a rainbow on the art wall: each colour representing the above. The inspiration for this art installation, comes from the classic song: ‘Yellow Submarine’ by The Beatles, where the video captures the many colours of the rainbow.

The ‘Over the Rainbow Paper Cup Project’ was, as the members hoped, due to commence later this term. However, the project has been placed on hold until further discussion.

Check out this link to find out more about EcoWare and their sustainable products

Nasya Chin