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Peace team chalks up another success

The Year 12 Peace Team organised a series of events to support the Peace Foundation. Peace week consisted of 5 different events during the week.

On Monday the Peace team came up with the idea of a peace chain. This was when we cut strips of coloured paper and had 10 people from each homeroom write things about peace on it, we were able to piece together a chain of around 350 ideas.
On Tuesday our peace team organised a bake sale and earned around $170. The following day, due to our school values, we all attended Mass in order to pray for and support peace within our society.
Thursday,we held an event called ‘Chalk it Out’ and this was when anyone in the school could write and spread the word about peace within our school community. We did this by chalking our thoughts of peace onto our school courtyard. Coming to the conclusion of peace week, on Friday the Peace team organised a sausage sizzle and from this sausage sizzle we were able to raise around $200.

Victoria Fu